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Phoenix Dog Handlers offer fun, professional, small classes of a maximum of 8 dogs per class ensuring time to give feedback and assist as well as clear any confusion.

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Flyball is a head to head relay race consisting of two teams of 4-dogs, a Flyball box and a ball. Introducing the Flyball dogsport. Its a high adrenaline, energetic, fast paced and addictive sport for all ages, abilities and breeds. It is the ultimate inclusive sport for both human and canines alike.



Fresh Pawz - for beginners learning the fundamentals of Flyball

Muddy Pawz - for intermediate learners looking to shape their runs

Shiny Pawz - for experienced relay runners looking to hone their skills

Doggie Stay

Reactivity Workshop Class

Setting up Reactive Dogs and owners for success in the real world. You and your dog will strengthen and develop skills in a small class of a of 2-4 dogs. Working/Training around other dogs. We will personalize/tailor and stratagize the training to simulate real–life situations.



Drop-in Training Workshop

A fun, enjoyable, in depth, first come first serve, 1hr Obedience class. Catering to beginner or experienced dog owners. Our experienced trainer(s) will guide you through basic and intermediate obedience training, addressing common behavior issues, and enhancing the bond between you and your furry friend


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